How It Works


A lottery is held on the “Game Day” of a single sporting event where tickets are sold by purchasing online and at the venue by roaming staff.

Every ticket transaction is electronically recorded and updated on our website, and where possible, on various integrated screens so you can monitor the Jackpot raised in real time.

Step 2

You can purchase as many lottery tickets as you like providing it’s within the time allocated for each Lottery. There’s 4 ticket options:

1 ticket for $5
3 tickets for $10
8 tickets for $20
25 tickets for $50

Step 3

Once you’ve purchased your lottery ticket(s), we’ll send your ticket number(s) as an SMS to your mobile phone and your email.

If you’re not already a Win 50-50 member, make sure you retain the message, otherwise we encourage you to sign up as a member.

Step 4

All gross revenue raised during the lottery go into a Jackpot of which 50% of the Jackpot WILL go to the winner.

For example, if the Jackpot is $20,000, the winner of the lottery will receive $10,000. The remaining funds will be set aside for club initiatives or the clubs charitable purposes.

Step 5

At the conclusion of the Lottery, the winning ticket is drawn and announced before the end of the sporting event.

The winner will be contacted and presented a winner’s cheque. The winner’s ticket number will be announced on the club’s website and Win 50-50 website after the conclusion of the game.

Step 6

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