How does Win 50-50 Work?

The Win 50-50 is a Lottery / Raffle and is held for a single sporting event. Electronic tickets are sold online or to patrons at the venue by roaming staff equipped with handheld electronic mobile devices. All gross proceeds of Win 50-50 tickets sold go into a prize pool known as the Jackpot. 50% of the Jackpot will go to the winner. The remaining 50% will be set aside for sporting organisations, clubs initiatives or community projects. Every ticket transaction is electronically recorded and updated on the mobile devices and on the Win 50-50 website, as well as on the various integrated screens at the venue so participants can monitor the Jackpot in real time.

What is the value of the Jackpot?

The winner will receive the value of 50% of the Jackpot; and or a minimum amount, which ever is greater, by (Cash in SA) or (Gold Bullion in Victoria) as the prize.

Win 50-50 will determine the minimum fixed prize amount prior to each event, in each market.

Example: If the guaranteed fixed prize is $2,000 and $20,000 gross sales of tickets are sold, the winner of the draw will receive $10,000. The remaining $10,000 will be distributed to the sporting organisation minus licencing fees.

How is the draw conducted?

Draws are conducted at the venue towards the end of the game or event and announced approximately with 10 minutes remaining play in the game or towards the end of the event. Draws are conducted using a Random Number Generator, which meets all lottery / raffle regulations. An independent scrutineer who is not a ticket holder will supervise the draw.

The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the Win 50-50 Lottery: Win 50-50 Director/s & immediate family, employees, and game day volunteers; the sporting organisations Board, Executives, employees and game day or event volunteers.

Who are Win50-50 regulated by?

The conduct of a Win 50-50 Lottery / Raffle is professionally and transparently governed by all individual state based regulatory legislation and regulations.

What is the price of the lottery tickets?

1 ticket for $5
3 tickets for $10
8 tickets for $20
25 tickets for $50

Full name, mobile and email & or address are required to purchase tickets.

Can I make more than one purchase per lottery draw?

Head to the Win 50-50 website www.win50-50.com.au in the comfort of your seat and purchase online or approach the Win 50-50 volunteers roaming the venue to assist you.

Can I make multiple ticket purchases in the one transactions?

You can make only one purchase at a time, either online, cash or card.

Who should I contact if I don’t receive my ticket/s via sms?

Please have your mobile phone on you at your time of purchase to confirm you have received your sms with your electronic ticket/s numbers. If you don’t have your mobile phone close by, please approach any of our Win 50-50 volunteers at the venue and they’ll be able to assist you.

My odds of winning?

In some cases there will be an unlimited number of tickets available for sale for each lottery / raffle. Your odds of winning 50% of the Jackpot is directly related to the number of tickets sold in each lottery. If 5,000 tickets are sold and you have spent $10 and received 3 tickets, the odds of winning are 1: 1,666. As the Jackpot increases in value throughout the event, your chances of winning decrease although the prize value increases. Subject to licencing, there maybe set amount of tickets / Jackpot allocated per lottery / raffle.

If I lose my ticket number(s)?

You are required to present your electronic ticket to collect the prize so it is important you keep it secure. If you are concerned about losing your electronic ticket/s you might want to take a screen shot photo of your ticket. You will have also received your full ticket with T&C’s on your email. Please check your electronic ticket as soon as you purchase.

How are the winners notified?

The winning ticket number will be notified by a SMS direct to their mobile and announced at the venue with approximately 10 minutes remaining play in the game or towards the end of the event and the winning number will be displayed where possible on the stadium screen/s. The winning ticket number will also be displayed on our website www.win50-50.com.au, on various forms of social media; & or printed in the preferred paper of that market.

In the case of a discrepancy between the announced number and the actual number – the actual number will be considered to be the valid winning ticket.

What if the draw fails?

If the electronic system experiences any technical difficulties during a game or a failure occurs (i.e. at any time after sales using the system have commenced for that game), please hold onto your electronic ticket. Win 50-50 sales will immediately be suspended for the balance of the game. If Win 50-50 is able to verify that all tickets purchased prior to the suspension of ticket sales, the draw will proceed and a winner will be announced and publish the winning ticket number via its normal means. Be sure to check our website, follow us on social media or contact us via the details provided on www.win50-50.com.au website.

If for any reason any aspect of the lottery / raffle is not capable of running as planned, including by reason of computer virus, telephone network failure, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any cause beyond the control of Win 50-50 may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, or invalidate any affected entries, subject to the approval of the relevant authorities in each relevant State, if required.

Or, if the Win 50-50 is not able to verify that all tickets purchased prior to the suspension of ticket sales, the draw will be postponed until such time as Win 50-50 is able to make such verification. Where a draw has been postponed, Win 50-50 will announce the winner at the next game or event as well as making the winning number available on www.win50-50.com.au.

Who do I contact if I'm the winner?

If you are the lucky winner, the prize can be claimed by either
• Presenting yourself at the venue post game; to the Sports Organisation Reception with your electronic ticket number/s
• email us at admin@win50-50.com.au
• Call the Sports Organisation main phone and or 1300 886 795 during business hours
• The winner of each draw has allotted time to claim their prize from the draw date, subject to each market terms & conditions.

What happens if the prize is not claimed?

The period for claiming the prize varies (in each market) from the day the Jackpot winner is declared. If the prize is not claimed, the unclaimed prize will be subject to each markets terms & conditions. Only the holder of the winning ticket may claim the prize. Win 50-50 and the Sporting Organisation shall have no responsibility to any other person who claims any interest or right to receive all or any part of the prize associated with a winning ticket.

The lottery volunteers

Our friendly lottery sellers are giving of their time on a voluntary basis. We may occasionally have incentives to create an experience and encourage some friendly competition. We might have a / some regular paid staff working to ensure the day runs smoothly and our sporting organisations we partner may also choose to have paid staff present.

How can I become a Win 50-50 volunteer?

Win 50-50 volunteers are committed to supporting their sporting organisation and are keen to be involved. We encourage anyone interested to apply by contacting the sporting organisation directly: and or details can be found on this website.

How do I become a Win50-50 Member?

Log into www.win50-50.com.au and onto to the Members tab and follow the easy prompts to be kept updated on lottery news and upcoming draws.

Is purchasing of tickets tax deductible?

Under current Australian Government taxation legislation, the purchase of Win 50-50 ticket/s are not tax deductible.

As an Australian registered company the Win 50-50 Pty Ltd will ensure that the proceeds will go towards the nominated sporting organisation purpose and we have strict procedures to ensure the transparency of where the funds are directed.

How do I contact Win50-50?

General – www.win50-50.com.au
Email – admin@win50-50.com.au
Phone - 1300 886 795
Twitter – @win50_50
Facebook – Win5050PtyLtd