Code of Conduct

Commercial Raffle Organiser – Win 50-50 Pty Ltd
Responsible Code of Conduct – Gambling Feb 2017 

1. Commitment to Responsible Raffle Gambling

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd provides lottery (raffle) ticket sales, through website and mobile devices to members of the Victorian community on behalf of sporting clubs & associations.  We acknowledge that a small portion of the community can find themselves at harm when gambling to excess.

Win 50-50 makes a commitment to the community and its clients that we will provide an environment where a consumer can make an informed decision about their lottery (raffle) ticket purchase and provide information about responsible gambling on all customer communication.

The Manager appointed with the role of ensuring the Code is carried out and complies with the Gambling Regulation Act, the VCGLR Criteria and Benchmarks and Ministerial Directions and will manage and maintain a Customer Service Log (refer Appendix A).

2. Availability of the Code of Conduct

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd code of conduct is available on the company’s website

Our code will be made available to customers upon request and will be issued to them in an agreed format, either via mail or email.  When a client does business with Win 50-50 Pty Ltd our code may be added to their website.

Our code will be available to all Win 50-50 employees, staff & volunteers.

3. Responsible Raffle Gambling Message

A copy of our code will be held by each volunteer where / when purchases are made.

4. Responsible Gambling Information

Information about the following is available on request by calling 1300 886 795 and speaking with the Manager during office hours.

a) how to gamble responsibly – [e.g. decide before you buy how much you want to spend]

b) the availability of gambling support services

5. Gambling Product Information

The terms and conditions for the conduct of a lottery (raffle) will have a reference to the problem gambling website link which will be printed on the ticket, Win 50-50 website and the client’s website.

This information will include how to enter and the odds of winning the stated prize/s based on the total possible ticket sales.

6. Customer Loyalty Scheme Information

Membership is available for a particular client lottery (raffle), an invitation to join as a member can / will be solicited through an SMS or email.

The Membership enables customers to be made aware of an upcoming lotteries (raffles) and when tickets are available (one maximum purchase will not exceed 25 tickets) at the commencement of a new lottery (raffle) for a particular organisation.

All communication email to Members;

Will display the Responsible Gambling and Product Information as set out in items 4 and 5.

A customer also has the option to cancel their membership, at any time by removing their own details, notifying Win 50-50 or the particular client in writing or by telephone.  The cancellation details are set out on our website

7. Interaction with Customers

Win 50-50 staff and volunteers will assist customers who request information about help with a gambling problem. Volunteers will include referral details to a Gambler’s Help telephone service and/or information materials prepared by Gambler’s Help services.

The services highlighted will be:
Gamblers Help Line 1800 858 858

Where a customer requires further information and direction regarding gambling support services, Win 50-50 will provide this on an individual basis and upon request.  An example may be counselling support for families of problem gamblers.

For customers who have indicated they have a gambling problem and may be overextending themselves financially:

a) Win 50-50 will offer to stop the transaction and be available if approached later if the customer wishes to continue with their ticket purchase.

Win 50-50 allow a maximum sale of 25 tickets per customer per transaction.  Any requests greater than this amount will be directed to the Win 50-50 Manager on the day and client Game Day Manager who will assess the customer’s request and act accordingly.  Where a result cannot be achieved, the client Game Day Manager will make the final decision and may consult Win 50-50 Manager.

All customer escalations and complaints will be added/recorded to the Customer Service Log (refer Appendix A).

8. Interaction and Implementation with Staff / Client

The Win 50-50 Manager is the main point of contact. Other personnel to assist the Manager on Game Day will be the clients Game Day Manager.  All are available during business trading hours and at the venue of the sporting event.  The Manager on Game Day will ensure our dedicated personnel are equipped with the knowledge regarding the Code and will be available to answer any problem gambling inquiries upon request.

Win 50-50 directors, staff, game day volunteers have acknowledged and signed in accordance with section 8.5A.8(3) of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 an agreement not to purchase lottery (raffle) tickets in lotteries (raffles) undertaken by Win 50-50 Victorian clients, they are representing in the above capacity. This is on the Volunteers Registration Form, in the T&C’s of every lottery (raffle) ticket and a copy of this is noted in each employees / volunteer file.

Win 50-50 staff / clients are briefed on the code and the process outlined above regarding the handling of such inquiries and interactions, during regular briefings carried out throughout the year.   The Win 50-50 Manager will ensure regular briefings are carried and will be noted in the Customer Service Log (refer Appendix A).

Responsible Gambling Messages and Product Information are also highlighted at the briefing of every lottery (raffle) at the venue.

9. Interaction with Problem Gambling Support Services

Twice a year, Win 50-50 Manager will communicate with the relevant gambling support services, the following:

This will be done via telephone or email or when appropriate a face-to-face forum/briefing.

The Manager will report any changes to the gambling support services we provide to our clients and customers.  This will be done through our website, meetings, email correspondence and client meetings and briefings.

10. Customer Complaints and Quality Control

If a customer wishes to lodge a complaint relating to Win 50-50 Pty Ltd responsible gambling code of conduct, they should do so in writing, addressed to;

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd
Attention: Director
PO Box 100
Glenelg SA 5045
Email –

The Manager will investigate the complaint, as soon as possible, and will take the following steps to resolve a complaint:

If a complaint is lodged through a client, it is recommended for the complaint to be forwarded to Win 50-50 Pty Ltd so it can be resolved as soon as possible using the steps above.  If the complaint was to be managed externally through other agencies and/or arbitrators, this could prove to be a very costly process for all parties involved.

All complaints are noted in the Customer Service Log.

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd has a rigorous Quality Control procedure ensuring our employees / volunteers are monitored and quality checked for every lottery (raffle) they work.  Volunteer work is quality checked each lottery (raffle).  The results of this process are actioned by Win 50-50 and the client within 48hrs of the initial email / face to face conversation.

All aspects of the face to face conversation are qualified with the customer ensuring:

Where there is a discrepancy with any of the above, the appropriate action will be taken.

The Manager reviews the quality control procedure of each raffle weekly and may enforce extra checks on certain employees.

11. Prohibition on Gambling by Minors

Lottery (Raffle) tickets may be sold to persons under 18 years of age. Entry to purchase a Win 50-50 lottery (raffle) ticket/s is a full name, mobile number, and email address. Win 50-50 have NO prizes as products that cannot be legally purchased by minors such as alcohol & gambling products.

12. The Gambling Environment

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd acknowledges the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 where / if calls are made from the hours of 9am to 8pm Mon – Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat.

Win 50-50 does not conduct outbound telemarking.

Win 50-50 will discourage repeatedly excessive purchase of tickets by customers.  To achieve this Win 50-50 will:

a) allow a maximum sale of 25 tickets per customer per transaction

b) the IT Manager / Win 50-50 team will check data base of regular ticket purchasers to detect a pattern of excessive purchase

c) not engage in hard/pressure sales techniques

The average length of time a customer interacts with us is approx. 50 – 70 seconds for a new customer and for an existing lottery (raffle) buyer 45 – 60 seconds.

13. Financial Transactions

Win 50-50 will not accept purchaser cheques or extend credit to customers to purchase lottery (raffle) tickets.  Customers will be advised of this at the time if they request such a service.

Prizes of cash are not permitted in Victoria by law except that cash may form up to 10 percent of a travel prize.

14. Advertising and Promotions

Win 50-50 Pty Ltd does not usually undertake advertising and promotions on behalf of its lottery (raffle) clients.

If we were to undertake such advertising and promotions, we will incorporate the following standards into its advertising checklist and will assess all proposed advertising against these standards ensuring the following would be adhered to:

a) Comply with the advertising code of ethics adopted by the Australian Association of National Advertisers

b) Not be false or misleading or deceptive about odds, prizes, or the chances of winning

c) Have the consent of any person identified as winning a prize prior to publication

d) Not be offensive or indecent in nature

e) Not create an impression that entering a lottery (raffle) is a reasonable strategy for financial betterment

f) Not promote the consumption of alcohol while buying raffle tickets.

15. Review of the Code

The Win 50-50 Director and Manager will review the Code to ensure it complies with the Gambling Regulatory Act and any other Ministerial directions.  This will be carried out annually and will include our Win 50-50 clients and employees and volunteers.  Any additions, notes and recommendations will be noted in the employee manual and a Memo / email sent to all employees / volunteers regarding the updates, if any.

Employees / volunteers will be notified of the annual review via email, website and in a briefing prior to each lottery (raffle). A report of the review will be provided to VCGLR upon completion, approximately by the end of June each year.